Change the World with Your Mouse… latest project news

Thank you to those who have supported me to develop this book! Things are going well.

Here is an update:

1. I am still discussing the nuts and bolts of a partnership with The Big Issue, which will include vendors handing out free copies of the book to their favourite customers, doing things themselves, and a column in the magazine.

2. Justin Nurse, a leading South African activist, who designed The Everyday Activist for me is agreeing to do the design work for the Mousebook.

Change the World with Your Mouse

3. We have had some re-thinking over title. With the advent of the iPad etc, many people no longer use a mouse. So how about: CLICK2CHANGE: a better world at your fingertips. What do you think? Any better ideas. Let me know.

4. I am exploring the idea of electronic publishing and print on demand via as the best method of publication. But I will also investigate having printed copies alongside the electronic book.

5. I am preparing a Twitter version with 7 actions for each of the 52 topics. Can anyone help me with the technicalities of doing an automated daily tweet?

6. Along with that I am hoping to develop an App for changing the world, and am in discussion with Google whose staff might do the app development for it.

No firm deadline for publication yet. But I am hopeful that I can do something by the autumn.

I need to raise £5,000 to pay for the design and other development work. I’ve raised nearly £2,000, and I have an outstanding £1,000 of pledges. After my trip to South Africa I am now actively trying to find more supporters. If any of you can help… please ask your friends to give their support. A good book for £10 plus a share of the revenue it generates ought to be a no-brainer. Also you can now give Gift Certificates on Buzzbnk. Find out at and for the book the URL is

Thanks again for your help with this. I really appreciate it!

Michael Norton, writer, social entrepreneur and everyday activist

(and also co-founder of Buzzbnk!)

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4 Responses to Change the World with Your Mouse… latest project news

  1. Monica says:

    Hi Michael,
    So good to read about your latest ideas and ventures. The new name Click2CHange: a better world at your fingertips is a great name and strapline, better than you previous one.

    Hope to get a bit more involved soon!
    Monica Threlfall

  2. Mick Dann says:

    Hi Michael,

    I already have your first book, found out about this funding idea via an email from Franny Armstrong (Age of Stupid) and I’ll soon be sending some funds your way-just waiting for pay-day!
    You’ve mentioned using Lulu, you might also want to check out Blurb to see how the prices compare.
    You could also publish as an eBook for consumption via iTunes/iPad & Amazon/Kindle I guess.
    Have you seen the Al Gore iPad book (Our Choice) ?
    Mick Dann

    • Michael Norton says:

      The formats at Lulu are better. I think the prices will be quite similar. But will check. I asked my brilliant South African designer to explore the best option.

  3. Steve says:

    Re: point 5

    An automated daily Tweet can be scheduled in advance using HootSuite. If you wanted to have multiple people controlling the one account, i.e. multiple logins, you could use SocialOomph. Both of these are web-based.

    Feel free to ask me to show you around these if you are stuck. I’m @unloveablesteve on Twitter

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